International Job Opportunities for Skilled Workforce

 International Job Opportunities for Skilled Workforce

A large number of educated youth cannot find jobs after completing format education Government is striving to check this situation through launching mega projects in the country as well as exploring the job opportunity abroad.

In order to explore the new job opportunities in Middle East countries particularly UAE & Qatar keeping in view of the mega events i.e. DUBAI EXPO – 2020 (UAE) and FIFA WORLD CUP – 2022 (Qatar). NATIONAL TRAINING BUREAU is trying to explore the ways and means for promotion of manpower export after training in various trades need for mega events like DUBAI Expo – 2020 and FIFA World Cup – 2022 infrastructure development activities will take place and thousands of job opportunities for foreign workers will be expected.

It is learnt that around US$ 23 billion will be spent on the event over the next six years. The activity will attract 25 million visitors and generate 300,000 new jobs opportunities which include Hospitality Industry, Construction, IT Professionals, Engineers, Security Officers & Guards, Technicians etc. On the hospitality front, the authorities estimate that 25 million people are likely to visit the EXPO, of which 70% will come from outside the UAE, ensuring massive expansion in hospitality industry, hence thousands of jobs in this sector.

In order to seize full potential of this opportunity, NATIONAL TRAINING BUREAU shall start trainings keeping in view further trends of labour market in the light of new projects. However, it would be more appropriate if all TVET training providing Institutes, Authorities join hands with NATIONAL TRAINING BUREAU to meet this national challenge.

Qatar demands around 200,000 workers by 2016, which includes skilled/semi-skilled workers, labourers, Professional Engineers/Foreman (Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil land Architect etc.), Heavy Duty Drivers, Crane Operators, Welders, Fabricators, Electricians, Masons, Horticulturist & Gardeners etc.

High level training activity is must for enhancement of demand for Pakistani workers in Qatar so that we send skilled workers instead of unskilled workforce.

It is pertinent to mention here that Prime Minister’s Office has prioritized this activity and forwarded a letter of employment opportunities for Pakistanis in the Gulf countries, wherein the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, inter-alia proposed visits to Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE, to have draft MoUs for employment of Pakistani workforce. Once the spade work has been done, the agreements could be signed during Prime Minister’s visits to three countries, later in the year.

Bahrain is rated as financial hub of the Middle East. There are many hospitals are under construction in Bahrain, including a new Medical City at a cost of US $ 2.6 billion. Private Health Sector Institutions are also growing rapidly providing Tertiary, Secondary and Primary health care facilities to the public. In near future a number of Medical professional jobs are likely to be created in this sector. The construction sector is most important sector in Bahrain, the largest number of expatriate workers are employed in construction sector. The types of profession/ skill in demand in Bahrain are Health Professionals, IT Professionals, Engineers, Market Professionals,, Mensons, Plumbers, Crane Operators, Welders, Tile Fixers, Fabricators etc.

Hence the capacity of training in NATIONAL TRAINING BUREAU, all Skill Development Councils and affiliated Institutes are being enhanced. National Training Bureau has started three shifts at 39, H-9, Headquarter. Skill Development Councils are also arranging special training programmes. All affiliated institutes are advised to keep pace with International demand.

The trainees who hold certificate from National Training Bureau, Skill Development Council or affiliated Institutes shall be prioritized for placement abroad through Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, Government of Pakistan.

At present there are 1.9 million Pakistanis are living/ working in Saudi Arabia, which is the largest number of Overseas Pakistanis in any foreign country. The remittances received from Saudi Arabia during the year 2013-14 are amounting to US $ 4.7 billion. A number of mega projects are being launched in construction, health, education and power sectors, which require trained manpower in different professions/ skills such as Engineers Doctors, Architects, Financial Manager, Draftsman, Surveyors & Supervisors, Steel Fixture Carpenter, Drivers etc. There is a great potential for absorption of Pakistani manpower in these projects.