Staff development is one of the key parameters of success in the National Vocational Training system. In order to achieve the objective of staff development, National Staff Training  Institute (NSTI) has been established under the National Vocational Training Project (Phase-II).  The long term objectives of NSTI are to provide instructor training and increase the supply to improve the quality of instructors within the National Vocational Training System (NVTS).  The decentralization of basic instructor training to the Provinces allows the NSTI to extend its scope as well as continue to training staff trainers.  It will also focus on the new training needs of the institutions, Principals, Vice Principal/Management staff of Training Institutes and trainers, managers and supervisors from the industries.   The role of NSTI has shifted gradually towards specialized focus training in addition to basic Instructor Training Courses. At present there are 11 Advanced Workshops/Labs functioning in NSTI for the training of instructors.



1)                Conduct six/twelve months training courses for  male and female instructors of the training centres at National level in the trades for which

              facilities are not available in provincial staff training institutes.

2)                Arrange management courses for Principals, Vice Principals, Chief Instructors, Supervisors and Managers

              from industry and any other training providers.

3)                 Development of linkage with other institutions with in the country and abroad to assist / advise in solving technical and management problems by

               arranging tailor made courses.

4)                    Develop liaison with in the industrial sector by arranging tailor made courses, Staff Training Institutions in the provinces.

5)                   Develop teaching aides and training materials and provide them to other staff training institutions in the provinces.

6)                   Testing and certification of instructor training of provincial staff  training institutes..

7)                    Assist and coordinate staff training activities of all the staff training institutes and National Staff Training Institutes through through the National

                 Standing  Committee for Instructor Training..

8)                   Through National Standing Committee for instructional training (comprising incharges of STIs of provincial under the Chairman of Director (NSTI)

                 evolved and coordinate the policies / activities for staff training in the country.


Workshops / Labs  Available for Skill Training

i.             Industrial Electronics

ii.              Hydraulic & Pneumatic

 iii.            Turner / Machinist

 iv.             Computerized Numerical Control (CNC)

v.             Electrical

vi.            Programmable Logic Control (PLC)

vii.          Mechanical Draughting 

viii.         Civil Draughting

 ix.            Welding (TIG/MIG)

x.             Refrigeration & Air-conditioning

xi.            Radio & TV