I.            To assess existing and future training needs, both local and foreign.

      II.            Systematically update the training programmes and establish criteria for evaluating their programmes and facilities.

   III.            Develop training syllabi and establish a specify national training standards and trade tests without effecting any provincial training programmes foreign collaboration.

   IV.            Prepare National Training plans, programmes  and projects in view of he local as well as foreign market.

      V.            Organize and conduct seminars and workshops for various types of personnel associated with training activities.

   VI.            Collect and compile statistics relating to training.

VII.            Coordinate the working of Provincial Boards.

VIII.            Review existing and proposed legislation  on Vocational Training and recommend necessary legislative provisions with the concurrence of provincial boards

   IX.            Assist and establish institutions in collaboration with provide sector to promote Technical, Vocational and in-plant training and development.

      X.            Undertake registration and licensing of all establishments, organizations or institutions which are offering or providing Vocational Training.

   XI.            Develop system and conduct trade testing certification of skilled workers who have received Vocational Training through any source.