a.       National Vocational Training Project Phase -I (1981-86)

Cost                       =                      Rs.529.610  Million including

=                      F.E Rs.296.909

Donors                  =                      IDA, UNDP

 Established 6 new Technical Training Centres renovated and upgraded 23 existing training centres and also additional equipment was provided to 28 existing training centres.


b.      National Vocational Training Project Phase -II (1987-96)

Cost                       =                      Rs.2882.19 Million including

=                      F.E Rs.1884.027 Millions

Donors                  =                      IDA, EEC, UNDP, GTZ, CIDA

1)      Established 20new Vocational Training Centres including 5 Women Technical Training Centres in the country

2)      Equipped newly established 20 Vocational Training Centres and made operational in the country and handed over to the respective provincial governments.

3)      Provided additional equipment to existing 20 training centres in the country.

4)      Established and made operational a National Staff Training Institute at Islamabad and three Provincial Staff Training Institutes at Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar.

5)      Established 5 Skill Development Councils, one in each province and Islamabad (details are given in next paragraphs).

6)      Implemented Crash Training Programme  (1976-82) for overseas employment and trained 26300 persons.

7)      Implemented federal programme for skill development and trained 230 instructors and 93 managers and provided equipment to 11 Technical Training  Centres in the Country.

8)      Developed National Occupational Skill Standards (NOSSs) in 46 trades, Curricula in 28 trades, Trainee Manuals in 22 trades and Instructor Manuals in 20 trades for o ne year while Curricula in 14 trades and Trainee Manuals in 5 trades for two years courses.